ITL MENTOR DAY – The Day To Honor And To Be Grateful To ITL’s Mentors And Trainers

ITL MENTOR DAY – The Day To Honor And To Be Grateful To ITL’s Mentors And Trainers


On November 20th, ITL’s Training and Development Team organized  ITL Mentor Day to honor and to be grateful to the VPs, Heads and Managers who are taking the roles as Mentors and Trainers to support for ITL’s talents to enhance their capabilities and skills at ITL office, 52-54-56 Truong Son, Tan Binh District, HCMC.

In the warm atmosphere of the gratitude day, Mr. Simon Thuc – VP of Human Resources, representative of ITL Corporation, expressed his gratitude to the Mentors, Trainers for their time, efforts and enthusiasm to participate in the training programs to develop ITL’s internal human resource in the past time. Not only providing guidance on knowledge and skills, ITL’s Mentors and Trainers have also shared their experiences and inspired ITL’s talents to develop their capabilities and to be ready for next new roles at ITL in the future with the goal: “Leaders Create More Leaders”.

On ITL Mentor Day, Mr. Simon Thuc also shared some upcoming plans of ITL Corporation about the training programs to build and develop a strong internal human resource to meet the market’s needs and to meet ITL’s development plan in the coming time. Despite many impacts due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Training and Development Team has coordinated with other departments and BUs of ITL to continue to organize the training courses of skills and knowledge for ITL-ers, developing online  trainings and achieving some positive results.

In addition, ITL’s Mentors and Trainers also shared their feelings and thoughts in the mentor roles that they are taking, this showed their enthusiasm with ITL and the talents generation of Logistics industry in the future.

At the end of the event, Training and Development Team presented the appreciation medals to the Mentors and Trainers for their contributions in training and mentoring the internal human resource in particular and in ITL’s development in general.